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3 models of handbags that every it-girl should have in her closet this spring

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A new season means new fashion trends. Every it-girl follows the changes in the world of fashion with flushed faces. Many brands release new models of clothes and accessories for spring. Although in fashion the classics are timeless and always in line with trends, its slight modifications or departures from it set new fashion hits. See what handbags are the most fashionable this spring

A small bag for every styling

Small, elegant bags on a long strap are an absolute hit this year Letterman handbag it is perfect for styling with airy, summer dress and sandals. On cooler days or for an evening out, it will also look great with pants and a warm sweater. This is a very universal model of the bag, thanks to which you can wear it with various outfits. The postbag can be used as an everyday handbag, but it will also prove useful as a formal handbag, for example, for an outdoor wedding. Although it will not replace a clutch bag, but it will fit phenomenally to a less classic wedding dress. You just have to feel the atmosphere of the party you are going to and choose a creation, which will not interfere with it

A handbag that can fit everything

Another handbag that you must have for this spring is shopper bag. It is said that a woman is like a snail – she must always have her whole house with her. There’s a bit of a point in that, women’s handbag it will hold everything. If you’re the type of girl who carries not only her wallet, keys and phone in her purse, but also her hairbrush, first aid kit, makeup bag, nail polish, wet wipes, hand cream, favorite book and stain removal stick, the shopper bag is for you. This large bag will hold everything you need to take with you and a whole lot more “just in case” stuff, and when you spontaneously walk into a store, you can still put a little shopping in it. 2020 has shown that fashion should respond to people’s current needs, so this year’s fashion is about comfortable and practical things

A shopper bag will go well with everyday casual outfits. Because of its size and cut, it will not go well with a dress, but it will go well with jeans and a blouse

The perfect bag for the beach

Women’s handbags are usually chosen according to the occasion. With the warmer weather the season for outdoor events, going out to the lake or relaxing on the beach begins. For beach or picnic styling, a braided, straw bag with large, round handles will look great. Such bags were in fashion already several dozen years ago, and now they are back in style. Such a bag is large and roomy, so you can fit into it a blanket, swimsuit and a towel, and also sunscreen, a book to read on the beach and a bottle of water. Not only is it a nice addition to your outfit, the beach bag is also very comfortable and allows you to take all the things you need with you. A braided bag is a very aesthetic and interesting part of your outfit, unlike some beach bags that are made of plastic.

Handbags allow you to change every styling and make it a completely different outfit. They can also complement an outfit, and at the same time help you keep your hands free and your pockets empty. Three models of this season’s trendy handbags are an absolute must have for every fashion lover. And if your guy or colleague comments that you have too many handbags, remind him that it’s in your handbag that he hides his wallet so he doesn’t keep it in his pocket. Men need a woman’s purse too!

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Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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