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Kids Party Dresses - How to Dress Your Child for a Party

When it’s time to take your little one to her first birthday party, you want to make sure she looks absolutely adorable! But before you run out and grab the first dress you see, keep these tips in mind to get the right party dress for kids! Pick a Theme Dressing your child in formal wear can be an intimidating task. It is important to understand the difference between what is appropriate…
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Trends & new campaign

These hairstyles will rule in autumn!

Autumn, like every season, is governed by its own rules, not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of makeup and hairstyles. Today we will focus on the latter and explore the proposals that will soon reign on the heads of all trendsetters! Do you still have time to…
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Earth Blend Extra Rich Conditioner: The Best Way to Moisturize Your Hair

The hair conditioner you use every day can make or break your hair and your self-esteem. After all, if you’re going to spend the time and money on styling your hair, you want it to look the best it possibly can and last as long as possible, right? With Earth Blend Extra Rich Conditioner, your hair will be smooth and shiny, no matter what type of texture you have. Best of all, there are no harsh…
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In the style of stars

Kendall Jenner's casual fashion - learn the secrets of her style

Kendall Jenner’s style is inspired by many women around the world. There is nothing surprising about it. The woman is the leader of the ranking of the most profitable models of “Forbes”. She appears in top campaigns and on the covers of prestigious magazines. We reveal the secrets of Kendall Jenner’s style, so you too can look like a top star! Tight cuts Although the…
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There was a Zara... or a brief history of the Spanish empire

Although that the Zara brand would achieve such a huge success, no one expected, fate proved perverse. Today, the chain completely dominates the competition, all thanks to its owner and his capital ideas. Check out how Zara appeared on the market and quickly dominated the clothing market. Once upon a time… The history of Zara dates back to 1975, when Amancio Ortega came up with the…
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