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Street fashion in the style of Hailey Bieber - what has the model taught us?

Hailey Bieber, despite her young age, is considered a fashion icon. She mainly owes this title to her stylist Maeve Reilly, with whom they form a harmonious fashion duo. We’ve dissected Hailey’s style to see where the secret to her excellent styling lies. Diana’s inspiration The model makes no secret of the fact that her fashion inspiration is Diana Spencer. Everyday…
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The Best Places to Buy Handmade Jewellery

Many people look to handmade jewelry as an alternative to store-bought jewelry, and rightly so. Handmade jewelry can feel more personal and often has more value attached to it than something mass-produced in a factory. Knowing where to buy handmade jewelry can save you time…
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The season's hit: Copper-coloured hair. Does red really suit everyone?

Kendall Jenner’s copper-coloured hair at fashion week sent the world into a tizzy. Barbie Ferreira also experiments with this hair color. All signs point to copper hair being the latest fashion trend. Redheads make up only two per cent of the world’s population. This is very little. People with naturally red hair are most common in Scotland and Ireland. In the past, red hair…
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What wedding dress fits your zodiac sign?

There is a lot of information written in the stars. Many people are very much identified with their zodiac sign and with what fortune-tellers think about it. From the date of birth we can read not only when we were born, but also what predispositions, character and tastes we have. Zodiac sign and dress model Capricorn This sign is calm and balanced. Before making a decision, they need to…
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Why should I waterproof my shoes?

If you want to enjoy beautifully looking shoes that will serve you for a long time, it is essential to remember about their impregnation. Find out why you should waterproof your shoes and how to do it properly. Why is shoe waterproofing important? Mud, snow and rain…

How to become an elegant and stylish woman - learn the essentials of your closet!

An elegant woman is well prepared for any occasion, and her closet is full of interesting clothes that can be combined in many ways to create original styling. What parts of clothing are necessary to quickly prepare an elegant outfit for an important event? Your closet should contain several basic and practical clothes, which, combined with original accessories, will create an elegant outfit for a…
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