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5 makeup tricks to make your eyes look so much bigger

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Check out these 5 easy ways to optically enlarge your eyes using eye shadow, eyeliner and pencil. These tricks are used by Hollywood make-up artists!

  1. Round Eyes

A round eye shape doesn’t need a lot of work to attract attention, but it’s good to keep your look fresh and luminous. To achieve this effect, use cream eye shadow with a velvety texture and a glossy finish. Apply the shadow on the upper eyelid and lower lash line. When choosing your eyeshadow color, go for bright, shimmering colors like beige, vanilla, champagne or peach. Finally, brush your upper and lower lashes firmly with black mascara.

2. Almond Eye Shape

This beautiful and sensual eye shape only needs to be accentuated with a cat eye shape and a slight correction of the outer corner. When painting a thin line with eye liner at the upper lash line, make sure the line gently floats up, like a bird’s wing in flight. This little detail will make your eyes bigger and your look sexier.

3. Deep set eyes

This shape of eyes requires the help of a well applied shadow to optically “bring them out”. Treat the entire eyelid including the inner corner of the eye with a light luminous eye shadow in beige, champagne or écru. The second eye shadow should be darker and in neutral shades of grey or brown. Use a medium-sized brush to apply it on the crease of your eyelid to optically blur the line between your upper and lower eyelids. This treatment will skyrocket your eyes and give them a starring role in your makeup.

4. Wide-set eyes

The key to makeup for eyes with this shape is to maintain balance and optically “narrow” the distance between the eyelids. It will be helpful to use an eyeliner pencil, with which you outline the entire eye, and a dark shadow, which you apply evenly across the eyelid – just grading its intensity.

5. Artificial eyelashes

This is a trick makeup artists have used for years. Artificial lashes optically enlarge any eye shape, and the modern versions you can easily buy at drugstores make them look as authentic as thick, healthy natural lashes.

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