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The cut-out is back with a flourish. Cut-out clothes don’t have to look cheap

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fot. Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

That fashion is making a comeback is not the least bit surprising to us. However, cutouts in clothes needed a little more time to return to the favor of designers and influencers again.

The first attempts were made in the spring-summer 2020 collections, mainly in evening wear or elegant outfits, such as for work in the office. By the end of 2020, it was already known that cutouts would appear in every possible item of clothing, in jeans, swimsuits, dresses and so on. Unexpected slits, slits or double necklines could be placed anywhere. Some designers have opted for subtle, narrow slits. In other designs, you will find fancy geometric cutouts revealing much more of the body, such as both arms or parts of the stomach.

This is quite an interesting alternative to the oft-repeated large necklines, exposed backs or crop-tops. We can freely choose from many options which part of our body we prefer to expose. A few imaginative windows in a dress can work perfectly for a summer walk or a date. Whether you are a Hollywood star or someone looking for variety to your closet, summer is the best time to consider exposing a little skin. Why not gather your courage?

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Main photo: Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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