Premiere of a new cosmetics line from Kate Moss - meet "Cosmoss"

From time to time, cosmetic products signed by a well-known name appear on the market. Celebrities, especially of world renown, have gotten a taste for new business for good, and it pays off big for them! As a rule, their name is a brand in itself, and everything they touch turns to gold! Now a cosmetics line has been launched by Kate Moss. What does “Cosmoss” have to…
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Facial yoga is growing in popularity - is it right?

From a young age, it is worth taking proper anti-aging prevention to enjoy a firm and smooth complexion for as long as possible. One of its elements is facial yoga, which, although not yet strongly popular, can work real wonders. See for yourself! Facial yoga can be practiced by anyone. These are simple exercises that can be done at an early age. They have a salutary effect not only on the…
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