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Opt for a dress and sneakers this summer! Get inspired and create your own style by going bold with this iconic trend

Sandals are not the only type of footwear that goes with a summer dress. Sneakers will be a great alternative in this case, plus they fit in with the current trends. They’re a great choice for busy weekends, traveling on different modes of transportation on a hot day, and off-road excursions. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Celebrities love such unconventional outfits and look great…
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How to wear athletic shoes to the office?

It’s getting warmer and warmer, and as the temperatures rise, the clothes we wear change. In the summer we are more likely to choose light and sporty clothes. This also applies to outfits for the office. Comfortable sports shoes are one of the great advantages of…
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Remember the fashion for 'ugly' sneakers? Now it's time for 'ugly' sandals

Sandals with thick soles, fabric straps and Velcro closures have been popular for many years among active lifestyle enthusiasts. Now they are entering the mainstream, appearing on the world’s most important fashion catwalks, and their fans include celebrities and internet influencers. What is it that made it-girls love them? View this post on Instagram. A post shared…
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