How to wear athletic shoes to the office?

How to wear athletic shoes to the office?
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It’s getting warmer and warmer, and as the temperatures rise, the clothes we wear change. In the summer we are more likely to choose light and sporty clothes. This also applies to outfits for the office. Comfortable sports shoes are one of the great advantages of summer. See how to incorporate sports shoes into outfits for work.

Sneakers to a suit

Women’s suit is an absolute hit of recent years. If your company has a strict dress code, buying several sets of pants and jackets will be a fantastic idea. Of course, stilettos look great with women’s suit, but it is a very elegant and formal set, which is not best suited for everyday wear. Pairing a suit with sneakers will not only give your outfit a spice, but will also make it a bit less formal and more comfortable for you. You’ll thank yourself for wearing sneakers when you have to run down the stairs or run to an express lunch for the tenth time in one day. It’s a trendy and intriguing combination to try. You can find the perfect sneakers to go with your suit at

Sneakers and a dress

An airy summer dress may not be the most formal look, but not every company requires a very professional outfit. If you can afford a more casual outfit at work, a floral or pea dress is the way to go. Again, stilettos would look good with the dress, but who wants to spend eight hours at the office walking around in stilettos? Sneakers would definitely be more comfortable. This type of footwear will again add casualness to the outfit and allow for much more freedom of movement. Sporty shoes are the best choice if you commute to work by public transport. Streetcar is much more comfortable and efficient to chase in sneakers than in high heels. You can buy sneakers perfect for both dresses and jeans at

Sporty styling with overalls

A very comfortable choice when it comes to an outfit for the office is a jumpsuit. It provides great freedom of movement and can be very elegant or sporty, depending on the accessories. Especially in hot weather, a suit made of lightweight, preferably natural material will keep you thermally comfortable without sacrificing a stylish look. A trendy and colorful jumpsuit goes well with sneakers or sandals. Depending on the weather, you can of course wear the suit in different ways. If the weather is cooler, a sweater or an oversized sweatshirt will be a great addition to add an even sportier touch. You can also modify the character of the suit with your choice of footwear. With sandals, the outfit will be more elegant and classic, while with sneakers or sneakers it will be more sporty. You can find the perfect sneakers and slip-ons at

Office outfits do not always have to be very formal. Remember that fashion is also about comfort, so choose outfits, in which you will not go crazy for eight hours at work. If your clothes are uncomfortable or ill-fitting, you will definitely not be able to focus on your work and devote your full attention to the tasks entrusted to you. The same goes for shoes. If your footwear rubs your feet, causes blisters or pain in your legs, your work will become a torture and the time until 5pm will go even slower. Comfort in the office is extremely important and remember to make sure you get it

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