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Paparazzi Bracelets for Casual Styling

Paparazzi bracelets are the perfect accessory to complete any casual look. Whether you’re attending a picnic or heading to the grocery store, Paparazzi bracelets will add an extra touch of style to your outfit. With an array of colors and designs, there’s a Paparazzi bracelet that suits every style and personality. How to Style Paparazzi Bracelets Paparazzi bracelets are a…
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What's Trending in Kids' Clothing?

You know what to do when your kids get older and outgrow their clothes, but what about when it comes to clothing trends? Are you stuck with buying the same clothes as everyone else, or are there some great choices out there that you’re missing out on because they’re so…
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These hairstyles will rule in autumn!

Autumn, like every season, is governed by its own rules, not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of makeup and hairstyles. Today we will focus on the latter and explore the proposals that will soon reign on the heads of all trendsetters! Do you still have time to…
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Kendall Jenner's casual fashion - learn the secrets of her style

Kendall Jenner’s style is inspired by many women around the world. There is nothing surprising about it. The woman is the leader of the ranking of the most profitable models of “Forbes”. She appears in top campaigns and on the covers of prestigious magazines. We reveal the secrets of Kendall Jenner’s style, so you too can look like a top star! Tight cuts Although the…
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Short tops are conquering the Internet - check how to wear them

Short tops are a real hit these days. They are worn by everyone! What styles look most interesting with them? Just a few years ago tunics behind the buttocks were in vogue, today crop tops revealing the belly, such as those that were popular in the 90s, worn by Britney Spears, Spice Girls or Christina Aguilera, reign supreme. As you can see, fashion likes to come full circle. That’s why…
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The season's hit: Copper-coloured hair. Does red really suit everyone?

Kendall Jenner’s copper-coloured hair at fashion week sent the world into a tizzy. Barbie Ferreira also experiments with this hair color. All signs point to copper hair being the latest fashion trend. Redheads make up only two per cent of the world’s population. This is very little. People with naturally red hair are most common in Scotland and Ireland. In the past, red hair…
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