7 rules to follow when selling out

7 rules to follow when selling out
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We all love sales. However, it turns out that many of us get caught in the shopping trap and instead of saving money we spend even more. We suggest what rules to follow to benefit from sales.

Sales – each of us waits for them. It is an opportunity to buy many products at much lower prices. Especially ladies love sales and discounts, thanks to which they can renew their closets. But be careful, because it is easy to fall into a trap – then instead of savings we have losses. So we suggest what rules to follow:

1.Review your closet before shopping

Before we start shopping we should review our closet and throw away what we do not and will not wear for a long time. And do not leave anything for “better times”. Maybe it will turn out that during the cleaning we will find some nice clothes that we have long forgotten about?

2. See what clothes you have excess of

When you’re going through your closet, it’s worth noting which clothes you have a surplus of. It is very likely that you will find a lot of sweaters, blouses or jackets, often very similar to each other. Then it is better to avoid them in stores, even if they are cheap. Because why spend money on something we don’t need at all?

3. Create a list of missing items

Another important thing: before we go shopping, it is good to make a list. Write down what you are missing and what you would like to buy. Maybe we don’t have enough skirts or our handbag needs to be replaced? Sticking to such a list, while browsing through the stores, will surely make us satisfied with the products we buy later

4. Determine your budget

When searching for bargains and promotions, it’s easy to blow your household budget. Especially since most of us pay by card, so we don’t see the “escaping” money. But everything is so much cheaper, it’s a shame not to take advantage! So let’s set ourselves a limit how much money we can spend. If we have an additional account, it’s worth transferring a certain amount to it and paying with a second card. And if we are afraid that even this won’t help us control ourselves, it’s best to take cash and leave the card at home

5. Try to keep a cool head while shopping

Colorful signs informing about promotions, reductions, discounts, exclamation marks, lights – it is difficult to control our emotions during sales. During the sales most of us become real bargain hunters. And buying under the influence of emotions may not turn out well. A dress, even if it is half price, may not be worth the price anyway. Therefore, each piece of clothing should be carefully examined, its quality assessed and estimated how much you would be able to pay for it

6. Buy clothes that fit your style

Beautiful, ornate XXL earrings, a long, sequined dress, a spotted helmet – they may be stunning, but will they really fit us? Will we have something to wear them with (and will we want to wear them at all)? It turns out that most of us tend to buy things that we think are pretty “even though they’re not for us”. And that’s why it’s a good idea to use common sense. Sales are for filling the gaps in your closet, acquiring a few gems that fit your style, not for clogging up your closet with clothes you’ll never wear.

7. Choose your size – don’t expect to lose weight

Unfortunately, women often take a skirt or dress a size smaller because they’re “sure to lose weight”. Let’s not fool ourselves, most of us are not going to lose so many kilograms in the nearest future to change our clothes size. And even if, in a few months there will be sales again and then you can buy something new and smaller. Therefore, when shopping, always choose clothes in your size, then you will definitely wear them

What if the clothes we like are too big? You can, of course, use the services of a dressmaker, but you have to recalculate. There is a good chance that for alterations we will pay so much that the dress or shirt will not be worth it

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Main photo: Andrea Piacquadio/ pexels.com

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