5 fashion lessons Kaia Gerber taught us

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5 fashion lessons Kaia Gerber taught us
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Kaia Gerber is a world-class model and trendsetter. From her famous mother, Cindy Crawford, she inherited not only her looks but also her fashion sense. For several years, we can observe her dynamically developing career. She is not only a muse of designers but also an inspiration for many young girls and women all over the world. What has Kaia Gerber taught us about fashion?

Fashion Inspiration – Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber has a very diverse style. She often wears her outfits very casually but she also wears classic elegant styles. She is clearly influenced by her very stylish mother and the fashion world in which she lives every day. Here are a few things, which should definitely be incorporated into her style.

Youthful nonchalance not only for the young

Kaia combines rock hard boots with basic clothes. This style is suitable for every woman and every size. Classic jeans combined with the simplest white t-shirt is a must-have for every woman. This timeless base is perfectly combined with distinctive accessories. The model can also be seen wearing leather oversized jackets, which she just throws on her shoulders. We like this nonchalance very much!

Sporty and elegant

Cindy Crawford’s daughter is often seen in very long trainers. She uses classic models, but also those made of fur. She matches them with wide leg jeans, comfortable white sneakers, an elegant shirt, and a baseball cap. She also accessorizes with a small handbag, such as a Prada bag. This is one of her favorite everyday outfits. It is a good idea to combine such unobvious outfits as an overcoat and a baseball cap. The rest of the closet depends on personal taste. But Kaia undoubtedly teaches us that we should simply have fun with fashion.

Summer dress with a difference

How about wearing heavy black shoes with a light summer dress? This young trendsetter loves this combination. You can often see her in this interesting version. Swapping stilettos or sandals for seemingly incongruous rock boots not only goes perfectly with short dresses, but is definitely more comfortable. Besides, thanks to this we add a touch of nonchalance to our style. As for us, this trend is very hot!

Layers for cold days

Wearing onions is the way to go on cold days. Kaia Gerber knows this very well. A turtleneck, a light jacket and a thick coat with a long scarf and a hat are ideal for winter and autumn. We will certainly not get cold and we will look really stylish. It is worth remembering to wear a rather delicate bottom with a massive top. Tube pants and slippers will be a perfect choice.

Minimalism first of all

As a base for her outfits, the young model usually chooses jeans of different cuts. On the streets of New York, she is often seen wearing unassuming outfits. Jeans, a sports jacket, and a T-shirt or body suit are one of her favorite combinations. She also appears at big galas in classic and minimalistic outfits. Already at first glance you can see that she follows the rule – the less, the better.

Main photo: Sarah Brown/unsplash.com

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