7 accessories you need to turn even the simplest outfit into this season’s trendiest look

7 accessories you need to turn even the simplest outfit into this season’s trendiest look
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Accessories are a very important element of every outfit, so we should not forget about them when composing our look. An elegant handbag, stylish jewelry or a unique belt will make the whole outfit different. One fashion element may completely change a simple dress or blouse. Check what accessories you should have in your closet to be able to play with fashion and create outfits inspired by high fashion

Well-chosen accessories can complete any outfit in a fantastic way. Even if you do not follow the latest trends and you have classic clothes in your closet, a few interesting accessories will give your outfits a unique character. Stylish hats, scarves or earrings will give you nonchalance and self-confidence. With bold accessories, you can express yourself and show off your individual style. In 2021, you’ll look chic with big collars, preferably XXL, which will add to your charm. Stiff hats will also be in fashion, which will make you look mysterious. Besides, it is worth taking out of the closet the immortal baguette handbag, which was promoted already in the 90s by the most famous New Yorker columnist Carrie Bradshaw. Elegant briefcases and minimalistic cases will also be in vogue as fashionable handbags. Colourful jewelry inspired by seaside holiday moods, as well as earrings, necklaces and rings inspired by the atmosphere of regencycore will also be in vogue. On the streets you will be able to see many styles using XXL belts

7 accessories that will give your outfit a fashionable touch

  1. XXL collars

The trend for voluminous collars sticking out from under our blouses or dresses is a design from previous seasons. In this matter we really have room to sign, because the bigger the collar, the better. The most popular are white collars, which add to our charm and grace. Those trimmed with colorful thread or animal patterns will also look stylish

  1. Stiff hats

A hat is such an accessory that adds elegance to any outfit. Stiff hats go great with classic clothes, such as a simple trench or an oversized jacket. More and more often we can see them in less obvious combinations, for example with shorts and cotton T-shirt or dress in boho style

  1. Baguette bag

There is no more stylish handbag than the one of small size, on a short strap, which we usually carry under our arm. Baguette bag, or handbag commonly known as baguette, comes back to favor again. This time it is worth choosing a model on a stylish chain, which will look beautiful with elegant outfits

  1. Surfer beads

Among the jewelry trends, colorful beads, which bring us associations with the sun, beach and vacations, attract special attention. Opt for this type of necklace, which will look beautiful as an addition to your everyday outfit

  1. Baseball cap

This season, sporty styles will be very much a part of chic and casual outfits. A versatile accessory that looks great with jackets, tracksuits and dresses is the baseball cap. This can be a simple cap in a muted color or on the contrary, in a shade of juicy lime

  1. XXL belt

Another classic accessory that will probably never go out of style is the XXL belt. Adding this element can change any styling and make it high fashion. It is a must-have item in every fashionista’s closet

  1. A stylish protective mask

As protective masks have become an integral part of our hairstyles, many people have decided to use this as an opportunity to give them an interesting, fashionable look. Opt for a mask in an interesting pattern or decorated with lace

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