Abundant Blessings: Flower Essences for Abundance

Abundant Blessings: Flower Essences for Abundance
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What does abundance mean to you? For some, it’s being able to pay their rent on time every month and putting enough food on the table every night. For others, it’s knowing that they have enough money to buy that special gift they want or even travel the world. No matter what abundance means to you, it can be difficult to find in today’s world, especially if you don’t feel like you have much value to offer the rest of the world.

What is a Healing Essence?

Healing essences are made by infusing flower and plant material into a pure water base. The water is then energetically programmed to be a specific type of healing energy, such as abundance. Healing essences are a highly potent form of herbal medicine that can be taken as drops in distilled water or added to food or beverages like coffee or tea. They should not be used internally unless they have been diluted in pure water first.

Most healing essences are made using specific plants that are related to abundance and prosperity. Some of these include sunflower, lily, and lavender. The most important aspect in choosing a healing essence for your needs is its vibrational alignment with abundance. 

How Does an Essence Help?

Essences are a liquid remedy made from flowers and plants. They are used to heal emotional and physical issues by helping the body balance itself.  The essences help one access their own inner wisdom, healing ability, creativity, and spirituality in order to create more positive outcomes in their life. For example, abundance flower essence helps people feel more fulfilled by accessing more of their life potential; they may experience enhanced intuition, increased self-confidence, less worry or stress about money or family concerns, as well as improved ability to deal with grief.

Flower Essences for Abundance

Do you feel that there is always too much work and not enough time to get it done? Do you find yourself feeling like the whole world is coming down on your shoulders and there’s no way out? If so, try taking a flower essence for abundance. When you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or fearful of the future, take a dose of it. It will help to alleviate these feelings and give you more confidence in your ability to create a bright future.

There are many natural remedies you can use to reduce stress and increase your sense of well-being. One such remedy is Flower Essences.  They have been used since the 1800s as an alternative medicine method. Essentially, they are liquids with very concentrated floral essences diluted in water. 


In conclusion, flower essences can be helpful in building up your mental and emotional resilience to reduce the impact of negative events. They can also help you find sources of abundance and joy in your life, which is a wonderful way to share wealth with others and create a positive cycle. But what if you’re already struggling? What if you’ve hit rock bottom or felt like there was no hope left? You may need some external support. That’s where therapy comes in. Therapy provides a safe space to work through trauma, grief, and loss; develop coping skills; provide a sense of relief from the weight of daily stresses; and finally, uncover your authentic self that has been hiding behind all those layers of hurt and anger. Not only do therapists offer hope when all else seems lost, but they can provide practical guidance on how to break out of poverty cycles by overcoming anxiety-based behaviors such as spending compulsions or engaging in addictive behaviors.

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