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5 brilliant ways to prevent wrinkles while you sleep

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Sleeping with your face snuggled into a pillow, contact with cotton pillowcases, can cause deep wrinkles to form on the forehead and cheeks. This is due to skin compression, which promotes collagen loss. The skin reduces its volume, which leads to visible wrinkles. They make you look tired and much older than you actually are.

The same goes for sleeping on your hands. Just like flannel or thick cotton pillowcases, your skin ‘grabs’ and puts pressure on your face, creating wrinkles. Ideally, your facial skin should avoid contact with other surfaces while you sleep. If you are someone who often sleeps with your hands under your face, try keeping them under your pillow rather than directly on your skin. This can help reduce friction, hopefully keeping you comfortable.

Constant pressure on your face will be avoided by sleeping on your back. This can be uncomfortable for many people and it can be impossible to control your sleeping position. However, you can practice this and get used to it over time. A pillow that you use when you travel, a regular croissant but made of a material called memory foam, or a special pillow purchased from a medical store can help.

A second way to prevent wrinkles may be to change your pillowcase. Choose one made of cotton satin or silk. They are more expensive, but thanks to their structure, the skin ‘glides’ on the surface of the material, has less adhesion and does not ‘crease’. In addition to a pillow, try a silk eye mask for sleeping.

Apart from such mechanical tricks, remember to take proper care of your skin before bedtime. Applying a chemical peel to your face or a layer of nourishing serum with retinol, bacuchiol or hyaluronic acid can act as a buffer against wrinkles. They will even out uneven skin texture, brighten the skin and stimulate collagen production. During the day, never forget to apply SPF sunscreen daily. This is another good habit to establish if you want to maintain a smooth and radiant complexion.

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