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Are you having a nightmare contouring your face? Learn a new trick that makes it as easy as pulling out a hair with tweezers

Face contouring for most of us is definitely not a simple, quick, easy and fun thing. Any attempts at getting inspired by make-up tutorials on YouTube end in a make-up disaster and afterwards you look more like Pocahontas in war colors than Cinderella after turning into a princess five minutes before the big ball? If the answer to that question is “YES,” be sure to check out the latest…
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If you can't see your lips from underneath the mask, let our eyelids show off their vibrant and cheerful colors

Colored eyeliners have taken over this year’s makeup trends. They are available in almost every drugstore. A wide range of products offers us a large selection of colors, shades of metallic, glitter, matte, pastel and fluorescent. Particularly desirable are blue colors, just after them emphasizing eye color purples, pinks and greens We can choose from liquid, brush-on, pen, gel, cream…
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