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Quilted bags are a hit this spring. Especially for you we have found a few of the prettiest models from chain stores

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Streetstyleshooters/ German Select/ Getty Images

The first examples came from designers of Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta or legendary Coco Chanel. To this day, one of the most known models of ‘chanelek’ is 2.55, a classic small handbag on a long chain, which every regular at salons and red carpets must have.

Currently, many brands release in their latest collections bags based on those mentioned above. Despite the new look on an element of clothing established in pop culture, they still retain their elegance and girlishness. Designers experiment with forms, colors, details and even the size and shape of quilting. You can easily match such a bag to your size needs in a mini or oversize version, or a day or evening variant.

Spring collections abound in variants of quilted bags and, especially for you, we have chosen the best pieces available in well-known and popular chain stores. We hope you will choose your favorite among them and enjoy it all season long!

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Main Photo: Streetstyleshooters/ German Select/ Getty Images

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