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What’s Trending in Kids’ Clothing?

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You know what to do when your kids get older and outgrow their clothes, but what about when it comes to clothing trends? Are you stuck with buying the same clothes as everyone else, or are there some great choices out there that you’re missing out on because they’re so popular with kids? Here are some of the hottest current trends in kids’ clothing that you may not have considered, but should take a look at to stay ahead of the curve.

Bright colors

Kids are now as picky about their clothing as adults. Gone are the days of dressing them in a solid color dress or jumper and calling it a day. There is a trend for every color, pattern, and style you can imagine for children’s clothing nowadays. Whether you’re looking for blue jeans, pink dresses, or leopard print tops and skirts, there is something out there that will fit your child and your style.

Floral patterns

Kids love to be trendy, so it should come as no surprise that floral print clothing is becoming a popular trend. Flamingos, ladybugs and daisies are all popular prints for kids clothing because they are so whimsical. The colors of these prints also make them easy to pair with other colors and patterns. Even better, this clothing is available for both boys and girls, making it easier for parents to dress their children without any fuss at Kidslifeclothing. In addition to the bright colors and fun patterns, many people prefer this type of clothing because it doesn’t fade quickly or stain easily. This makes it the perfect choice for active kids who may be prone to accidents like paint on clothes or chalk dust on their pants.


The latest trend in kids clothing is denim. Denim was once considered just for adults, but today it is worn by everyone from the fashionista to the toddler. The advent of denim for kids has been a welcome change, as most parents find less expensive alternatives are too limiting and don’t provide enough room for growth. There are many different styles of denim available, including skinny jeans and joggers. The arrival of this new trend has also given rise to more creative children’s clothing designers who have a knack for pairing denim with other fabrics like cotton or lace. This allows designers to create unique outfits that will appeal to both parents and children alike.


The modern child is no longer confined to the playground or the dinner table. With technology as their playmate, kids are growing up faster than ever before. And with athleisure on the rise, they are now being exposed to its comfort and practicality long before they’re old enough to go out on their own. In fact, Nike even introduced a line of children’s Power shoes last year that have been well-received by parents who want their kids to be comfortable while playing. 

Parents no longer just give their kids outfits for special occasions; they buy them athleisure clothes like leggings and tracksuits so that they can enjoy a more flexible lifestyle.

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