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How to dress a child for an elegant party?

Children’s formal clothing must meet several important requirements – first of all, it should be comfortable and elegant. Read how to dress your child so that they feel comfortable and can have fun Christenings, communions, weddings and various family parties…
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5 cosmetics with winter scents that are perfect for a gift and will not burden your wallet

Winter is fast approaching. Some people love this time of year, while others hate it. The snow and the Christmas holidays are certainly huge assets of this period. It is advisable to prepare in advance some gifts that will delight everyone. This list should definitely…
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Beautiful and fashionable hats for summer - find the perfect design for you

Straw braided hats are a quintessential vacation accessory and the perfect complement to your summer look. You can wear it with an airy dress, shorts or just a bikini, knowing that whatever you put on, you will always look great, and also protect yourself from the…
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Men's fashion - how to stand out in the crowd?

Fashion trends change every season. This also applies to men’s fashion, which can surprise more than once. So what will stylish men wear in 2022? Check out our picks for the latest styles and find out what you should be wearing this season. 2022 men’s fashion is all about elegant casualness, a strong influence from decades past…
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How to look stylish in a sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts are comfortable and warm… but can they also be stylish? Of course! Urban chic and sporty elegance never go out of style. We suggest what you can wear with a sweatshirt to always look stylish. Sweatshirt, which used to be reserved only for trainings or…
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4 dresses that will make you shine on New Year's Eve

Velour, sequins, lace and tassels are our picks for New Year’s Eve dresses that will make you feel like a million bucks and charm everyone around you. Find out why we chose these models, as each of them is featured here by no coincidence. A velvet little black dress…
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The perfect outfit for Christmas Eve - check out our editorial proposals

Christmas Eve is fast approaching. Regardless of whether you will spend it with your family, relatives, one or many people, take care of the appropriate arrangement of the table and… your own style. After all, Christmas is the perfect occasion to wear a unique outfit.
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How do I care for my coloured hair?

Who doesn’t love beautifully styled hair with intense color, which we can admire right after leaving the hairdresser’s? What do you do to make sure the colour stays on your hair for a long time? The shiny nature of the…
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Hair rollers - which ones to choose and how to use them?

Brush styling is slowly being replaced by hair rollers. No wonder, they do not damage hair, significantly increase its volume and the hairstyle often looks like straight from the salon We are free to create smaller and bigger…

What wedding dress fits your zodiac sign?

There is a lot of information written in the stars. Many people are very much identified with their zodiac sign and with what fortune-tellers think about it. From the date of birth we can read not only when we were born, but also what predispositions, character and tastes we have. Zodiac sign and dress model Capricorn This sign is calm and balanced. Before making a decision, they need to…