What did Zendaya teach us about fashion?

What did Zendaya teach us about fashion?
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Zendaya is one of the most talented actresses of the young generation. Her colleagues appreciate her mainly for her kindness and warmth that is where her strength and beauty lie. Zendaya is also known for her extraordinary sense of style. She plays with fashion and transforms herself from the girl next door into the queen of the red carpet. By taking a peek at the way she dresses, we have highlighted a few fashion lessons Zendaya can teach us

Zendaya has a unique style that stands out. Many people think that over-dressing is an expression of vanity. Zendaya thinks something very different about fashion – clothes are a way to communicate with the world, through which we can express who we are. Fashion should be tailored to our needs, so don’t blindly follow trends. Check out what other valuable style tips Zendaya has to share with us

5 Style Lessons from Zendaya

  1. Be Bold

Zendaya herself points out that some people do not understand her style and look at her like she is crazy. The young actress is completely unconcerned about this and says that she is just being herself. Being brave when it comes to dressing is not so easy. There is a lot of pressure on women to fit in with the rest of society. Styles that don’t fit into a pattern or convention are often loudly judged and criticized. However, Zendaya prefers to stand out from the crowd rather than stifle her individual style and idea of herself. Start doing the same, be proud of what makes you different and listen to yourself when choosing your outfits

  1. Focus on comfort

Fashionable clothes do not have to be uncomfortable and impractical. Comfort may mean something different to everyone, but it is not worth, in the name of fashion, putting on clothes and accessories that make you think only about when you will take them off. The style we choose should give us confidence and make us feel comfortable

  1. Don’t follow trends blindly

Zendaya stresses that following the latest fashion trends is not her favorite thing to do. However, that does not mean that she is not inspired by them. The young actress’ style is so distinctive that she creates trends that others follow. The styles and colors she chooses are a consequence of the fact that she always tries to follow her own way. Be sure to try out this method! Mix different colors and cuts together.

  1. Don’t be confined to a strict framework

Zendaya encourages you to try new things. There is no reason to be rigid about your style. Experiment and try things out. Each of us has a very broad personality and imagination, so don’t let yourself be locked into a particular pattern. Try to go beyond your own definition of yourself and dare to wear something you’ve always dreamed of, but something blocked you. Red dress? Heavy boots? Oversized jacket? Any outfit can be a hit

  1. Appreciate Yourself

Many people, looking through fashion magazines or accounts on Instagram, fall into complexes. Comparing yourself to models or fashionistas should not be your goal when you are looking for interesting styling inspiration. You have to bet on clothes that fit you and in which you will feel good. The most important thing is to be yourself, no matter what clothes you will be wearing

Check out some of our favorite looks by the actress:

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Main Photo: Handout/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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