5 tricks to make sure you always look beautiful when you wake up

5 tricks to make sure you always look beautiful when you wake up
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You wake up, go to the bathroom and again don’t know how to quickly get rid of your puffy eyes, grey, dull complexion and fly-away hair? Here are a few tricks to make sure you always look beautiful when you wake up.

Puffy eyes upon waking up? There’s a solution! The Ice Cube Trick

Right after waking up, do you feel like you have a puffy face, dull complexion, and visible bags under your eyes? Many women struggle with the same problem. Do you know what can help? An ice cube massage! After taking the cube out of the freezer, massage your face with it, especially around the eyes, neck and nape of the neck. This quick, at-home trick will leave your complexion glowing, firm and ready for cream application and makeup. What if your face is sensitive to cold? You can wrap the ice cube in a cotton tissue. After a moment of such massage apply a good cream that will moisturize your complexion

The Vaseline Trick for Tired Skin

If you want to quickly give your tired face a glow, you can use a secret trick many Hollywood actresses learned from the make-up artists who painted them on film sets. What is it? Apply a dab of petroleum jelly to the inner corners of your eyes. The result? It will make your eyes look bigger and illuminate your face so you look rested and glowing despite being tired!

Coconut oil for dry and flaky skin!

Coconut oil is a friend of almost every woman. Ladies love to use it to brighten and moisturize their skin right after a morning shower. The effects are electrifying! Instead of a drugstore lotion, choose natural coconut oil. What are its advantages? First of all, it will perfectly moisturize your body after a night out, but it also has a beneficial brightening effect. Coconut oil is a multi-task product. It will help when you are in a hurry to get to work in the morning, because you can replace with coconut oil your moisturizing cream, for example, and also rub it into your hands and feet!

What about dry and limp hair? Rose oil can help!

Do you know what the secret of beautiful women’s hair is? A simple trick! Let your hair dry by itself! Very often after blow-drying your hair, it gets dull and loses its shine. Therefore, if you want to keep your hair voluminous and moisturized, use a trick, which models love to do. As soon as you towel off your hair, spray your hair with rose oil. What does it do? It prevents breakage and keeps your hair moisturized. Then “pat” your hair gently and let it dry naturally. This simple step will leave your hair fluffy and incredibly bouncy.

Bruce Mars/ unsplash.com

Want to wake up in the morning well-rested? Learn the most important beauty secret – sleep!

The easiest way to look healthy and radiant right after waking up is to get enough sleep! So if you don’t want your complexion to look dull and your eyes to look dark and bloodshot, give your body the right amount of sleep and regeneration. Deep, at least eight hours of sleep is very important. And how to take care of its quality? It is important that during sleep we are not woken up by the light of street lamps or the rays of the rising sun coming into the room! A proven trick is to put a silk eye mask to sleep. This simple thing is a guarantee of good and, above all, deep sleep. When choosing a mask, make sure it is made of a soft material so that it does not irritate the skin around your eyes while you sleep.

These five simple tricks will definitely help us look and, above all, feel better in the morning. Ladies, remember that no one wakes up perfect, but there are beauty tricks that are worth using. It certainly doesn’t hurt to let yourself breathe in the morning, eat a delicious breakfast and simply collect your thoughts. Because there is nothing worse for our appearance than fatigue and stress

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Main photo: Mathilde Langevin/ unsplash.com

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