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Spring hairstyles – what is worth stocking your closet with?

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Spring, ah it’s you! When the sun appears more and more often, flowers and bushes bloom, and it starts to get warmer, it’s a sign that it’s time to refresh your closet. We can slowly say goodbye to warm jackets and sweaters, and exchange pants for an airy dress. A spring dress is an absolute must have in every woman’s closet! Which one to choose and what to wear it with this spring?

1. Spring dress – what will be in fashion this spring?

2. Some ideas for spring styling

For many of us, spring is our favorite time of year. When life blooms, we get the urge to “celebrate” and go a little crazy, both with cut and color. Here are spring dresses to invite to your closet…. Not sure how to wear them? We suggest!

1. Spring dress – what will be in fashion this spring?

A woman of any age deserves a dress in which she will feel beautiful and confident. Finding it can be a challenge. Remember that the ideal spring dress is one that, above all, will please us. Fashion is a secondary issue. Fortunately, the designers have done their best this season as well – when it comes to spring dresses, the choice is really impressive and each lady is sure to find something for herself!

“Fashion goes round in a circle” and in 2022 it will be very visible. This spring, mini dresses and even micro-mini dresses are coming back into favor. Do you like this length and feel good in it? Great! And if not, no need to worry – fashionable spring dresses are also maxi dresses. It’s best to keep them as simple, as light and as flowy as possible. Fashionable dresses this spring have straps and asymmetrical slits. Color? There is a lot of freedom. You can bet on classics and neutral shades, or you can go wild and choose colorful spring dresses.

Antique style spring creations will also be a hit in the coming season. These elegant spring dresses will make you feel like a real Greek goddess! If you like spring dresses midi, nothing lost – this length also appears in the proposals of designers.

2. Some spring styling ideas

A dress, even the most beautiful, is only half the battle. How to complete the spring styling or with what to replace the dress to stay on trend? Here are some interesting suggestions:

  • knit dress combined with moccasins and a mini bag – women’s knit dresses are very comfortable, great for the office, but also in many other situations. You can bet on more fitted women’s dresses or a looser version
  • airy dress with floral patterns combined with a jeans jacket and sports shoes – do you like feminine chiffon dresses in romantic colors? You can wear them for a big night out, but also for everyday – it all depends on what you combine them with! A kata and athletic shoes are very comfortable
  • adress in a strong color paired with muted accessories – designers trust orange shades, as well as pastel purples. Deciding on dresses for spring in these colors, “calm” styling with muted accessories
  • elegant pants, shirt and trench instead of fashionable dresses – if you are looking for an alternative to the dress, this variant will be perfect. And not just for work. If you want to replace elegant pants with jeans, remember that cutoffs are back in style
  • Suits – you can bet on a tight-fitting set or XXL cut. You will still be fashionable in both versions!

Remember that nothing adorns a spring hairstyle better than a radiant smile!

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