Artificial eyelashes – how to make them last longer?

Artificial eyelashes – how to make them last longer?
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Long and thick eyelashes are one of the signs of femininity. Well emphasized eyes give the whole face expressiveness and make it has a unique charm. Unfortunately it is not enough for all women to emphasize eyelashes with mascara. Many of them decide on false eyelashes. Despite the beautiful appearance and careful manufacturing, over time they begin to fall out and this is natural. But what can be done to enjoy them for as long as possible? We suggest.

Start with the basics – choose a good eyelash stylist

Before you decide to apply false eyelashes, first find a person who will do it properly. On the market you can find many beauty salons where such applications are performed. However, it is not a good idea to use the services of random people, because you can get a different effect than intended. In this situation, a good and proven eyelash stylist will be the best choice. She will choose the right method of application and then use the right materials, which will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also be characterized by high durability. Before going to a beauty salon, it is best to look for reviews on the Internet or ask your friends. This will save you from unnecessary nerves and disappointment.

It is also important to choose the right materials, which are used for eyelash extensions. Durable material and appropriate quality glue will make the effect last longer. Attaching eyelashes on your own using products available in any drugstore does not make sense. It is very likely that they will fall off after a few days. Artificial ey elashes are best purchased in reputable stores for products designed for professionals

Proper fixation

To extend the life of eyelashes, you need to properly fix them after application. There are various products available on the market. One of them is a product by Wonder Lashes, which specializes in eyebrow and eyelash care. The offered eyelash bonder is applied already 2 minutes after application. It makes the glue set faster and more resistant to chipping. In addition, it provides greater flexibility between the synthetic and natural lash. An additional advantage of using eyelash bonder is the reduction of unpleasant adhesive fumes, which can irritate the eyes and cause allergies.

The key to success – daily care

If you have already decided to have your false eyelashes applied by a good stylist, it is time for proper care. The effect will of course last for some time, but with time the eyelashes will start to fall out. In order to maximize their longevity you need to take care of them regularly. How to do it? When removing make-up avoid oils that can dissolve the glue. Also try to limit the contact of your eyelashes with water. Too much moisture weakens the glue

Also remember to remove makeup gently and do not rub your eyes hard. Also, do not pull out protruding lashes or forcefully comb through them if you see that they have stuck together. You can damage your natural lashes this way.

So as you can see, maintaining false eyelashes is not difficult at all, as long as they are applied by a good stylist who will reinforce them with a good eyelash bonder at the end. Also stick to a few rules of daily care and your lashes will add to your beauty for a long time.

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