How to wear a smart shirt? Here are 3 unusual ways

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How to wear a smart shirt? Here are 3 unusual ways
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Everyone talks about playing with fashion. But not everyone knows how to put this theory into practice. We – in today’s lesson – will tell you what to do to make a simple, large shirt get a really fashionable expression

A white shirt is probably found in most closets (both men’s and women’s). However, if you are tired of wearing your model loose over pants or skirts or tucked in, we have three interesting alternatives for you. Each of them will give even the simplest outfit an unusual character and no fashionista will be able to pass by this look with indifference. There is only one condition: make sure you have or buy an oversized cut

1.As a dress

Shirt dresses have been on trend for quite some time now. However, if you don’t want to spend money on a new model, you can pick up a classic shirt. pick up a classic, straight-cut shirt from your father, brother or boyfriend’s closet (just make sure it’s the right length for you). However, simply throwing on this piece of clothing is not enough to create a super-stylish look. You will need to add a XXL jacket, as well as stylish accessories – distinctive jewelry, colorful shoes (instead of boots, you can also choose stilettos or sneakers) and a bag. If you don’t feel too comfortable in such an oversize option, fasten a wide belt at the waist level

2. As a base under a top

A classic, elegant shirt (as long as it is oversized) can also be used as a tunic. But to keep it from being too boring, put on a short, fitted top. Complete the look with fashionable accessories. If your shirt is long, you may also treat it as a dress. Just remember that these types of outfits are usually made of fabrics, which may show through. So make sure to wear a flesh-colored, seamless underwear before presenting the outfit

3. As one of the layers

A long, simple shirt can also be treated as one of the layers of your outfit. If you go for a really long one, you can wear it under a short blouse or sweater, preferably unbuttoned. This will give you a kind of train, which will certainly add character and expression to any styling

Which option appealed to you the most?

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