Hair toning – what is it all about?

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Hair toning – what is it all about?
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For people who dye their hair frequently, a great alternative is hair toning. This method does not involve the use of the strong chemical ammonia. Ammonia is found in most dyes and is very bad for hair. Why should you opt for a hair toning treatment?

What is a hair toning treatment?

Hair toning is a replacement for the coloring process. Hair colouring heavily interferes with hair structure and damages it. Until recently, there was no other option than to apply hair dye to improve or change the hair color. Toning is intended to refresh the color. No strong chemicals are used in this treatment. Toner is completely safe, even for fine and delicate hair

Over time, light colors have it that they oxidize and the color becomes slightly yellowish. This is not a desirable effect. This is why toner is often used on such hair to eliminate the yellow tinge. Dark hair can fade over time and appear dull. Dark hair can fade over time and appear dull due to environmental factors like the sun. To keep your hair color brilliant, all you need to do is apply toner to your hair. And of course, the right kind.

How is hair toning done?

The procedure is carried out in a hair salon. Doing it yourself is not recommended. A toner is applied to wet hair while it is still in the salon. The application of the whole mixture should be very fast and efficient, and the hair must be thoroughly combed. The hairdresser supervises the whole procedure, checking the shade that appears on the hair in real time. The rule of thumb is, the lighter the hair, the shorter the duration of the toner treatment. Sometimes only a few minutes may suffice. After the treatment, the hair should be rinsed thoroughly and the appropriate hair care should be applied.

The treatment does not take long and the effect is very natural

Hair toning does not dry out the hair structure and, most importantly, does not damage hair. It is important that the product is of good quality, therefore only hairdresser’s preparations are recommended. Toners differ not only in quality, but also in their purpose. Some are designed to neutralize the yellow color, others are designed to improve the color.

Why is toning better than colouring?

Toning is a completely non-invasive treatment, which allows us to change the color of our hair. It adds depth to the color and improves our appearance. Often good products are enriched with nutrients. Of course, this combination has a beneficial effect on your hair. It adds shine and improves the overall condition of the hair

What is important is that the toner does not penetrate the hair as it does with colouring. It only stays on the surface and creates a slight glow. The toning treatment itself is less permanent than colouring and must be repeated more often. However, its gentle formula means that there are no contraindications.

Toner can be used on the entire head but also on individual strands. In the case of natural hair, individual lighter streaks create a sun-kissed effect. This look is very natural and will be visible for a long time. The toner also allows for the creation of an ombre effect. All effects will disappear after a while and the hair will be back to its previous state. Note, however, that toner is not meant to lighten or darken hair permanently.

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