7 fashion lessons we took away from Jennifer Lopez

7 fashion lessons we took away from Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez has always dressed in an unconventional way, which is why she was quickly hailed as a style icon. The singer, actress and businesswoman has been inspiring with her outfits for decades. Both her casual and evening outfits are a great example that it is worth having your own individual style, which is followed by women around the world

For years, Jennifer Lopez has benefited from the help of an outstanding duo of stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariela Haenn, who make sure that every detail of her outfit is perfect and fits into the whole. It is also thanks to their work that the singer’s hairstyles are memorable. Over the years Jennifer Lopez has developed her signature style, it has a few key elements that are often repeated. Learn some fashion lessons that are worth absorbing when analyzing the way this American star dresses

7 fashion lessons from Jennifer Lopez

  1. It is impossible to look bad in a crop top

Jennifer Lopez likes to show off her perfectly shaped stomach. She is often seen wearing short tops or sweaters. These clothes look great with high-waisted pants or skirts. If you have a figure like hers, you may also opt for low-rise jeans. Jennifer knows that a crop top is a great choice, so she wears it both for important events (Super Bowl concert) and everyday

  1. Circle earrings – a timeless accessory

Over the years, jewelry trends, especially those involving earrings, have changed rapidly. The gold or silver hoop earrings, which Jennifer Lopez wears with different hairstyles, are still in fashion. The actress loves large size circles, but for everyday use, smaller size earrings will also complement an outfit perfectly. If you’re wondering what earrings are worth investing in to make them versatile and always fashionable, the answer comes to mind

  1. When you don’t know what to wear, go for a total look

The monochromatic outfit was a hit last season. Jennifer Lopez has long worn clothes and accessories in a single color or print to create a fantastic ensemble. When you don’t have time to analyze whether the pieces of your outfit match, go for a total look that always looks very stylish

  1. Beige hairstyles do not have to be boring

Jennifer Lopez loves to wear clothes in shades of beige, caramel or brown, which harmonize beautifully with her complexion. Many people think that such colors on clothes look bland, but certainly not in the performance of the American star. The singer proved that a beige dress or coat can look phenomenal if you match it with interesting accessories. Black and gold go perfectly with nude colors

  1. Don’t be afraid to be a sexy woman

Jennifer is the embodiment of sex appeal and femininity. How does she manage to achieve this? The singer is not afraid of bold solutions and exposing her body, but it is always done in a thoughtful and tasteful way. On the red carpet we can often see J.LO in a dress with a deep neckline or with a slit, which allows her to beautifully present her shapely legs. One of the most iconic styles of the star is a green dress from Versace, which had a neckline literally to the navel

  1. A wide-brimmed hat will add a touch of class to your look

While some people choose a baseball cap as their headwear, style icons prefer stylish hats. Jennifer Lopez likes to wear stylish hats both for everyday wear and as an accessory to elegant dresses. The wide brim gives the singer’s face a mysterious look

  1. Invest in over-the-knee boots

Black over-the-knee boots are a type of footwear that hasn’t gone out of style for years. Jennifer Lopez knows this very well – she likes to wear them with all kinds of outfits. You will make an impression by pairing them with a short dress or a mini skirt

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