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How can you easily save time during your daily grooming routine?

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Lack of time is often the reason why we give up certain activities we hurry in the morning and get tired in the evening. So how can we take care of our daily skin care without wasting too much time?

Daily skin care seems to be time-consuming but it does not have to be: Whether for the body, skin or hair. Just a few simple habits that will make our lives easier and improve the condition of our skin

The Shower – Our Best Friend

A shower takes much less time than a bath. To reduce showering time, there are a few rules to follow. First, if you want to wash your hair, do it as soon as you get in the shower and then apply a conditioner – while you’re washing, it will work. During this time, you’ll also have time to scrub your body or face, or at least cleanse your face and, depending on the day, either prep it for makeup or thoroughly wash off any makeup residue

Give your hair a rest

If you wash your hair every day, you definitely know how much time it consumes. Depending on its condition, it takes at least several dozen minutes, including blow-drying and styling. Although it may take some getting used to, try washing your hair every other day – it is rarely necessary to wash your hair every day. If you’re worried about your hair looking dull, invest in a dry shampoo, which gives your hair a fresh look in seconds and saves you time from having to wash it every day.

Plan your beauty routine

Some products, like scrubs, work instantly. Others, however, take a while to take effect. Don’t sit idly in the bathroom with a face mask on or wait for your sunscreen to absorb before you move on to the next thing. There are plenty of other things you can do in that time – brush your teeth, blow dry your hair, or eat breakfast. If you know that a cosmetic needs some time before it takes effect or you can wash it off, plan your time to avoid idle moments.

Multi-functional cosmetics work!

There are many cosmetics that, thanks to their formulation and composition, are suitable for many different things and save us time. Example? Aloe vera gel – it will moisturize your complexion, work as a lotion, you can also use it as an irritation remover and hair conditioner. Don’t buy several body lotions – one moisturizing or regenerating one with a good composition is enough. Scrubbing gels for the shower are also a great option, as are shampoos with conditioners. By using products that are versatile, you not only save time, but also money and space in your bathroom

Tidy the bathroom

Although it seems obvious, keeping your bathroom (and makeup area) tidy will greatly improve your daily skincare routine. Keep all your items in one place and always put them there. If you know what beauty products you’ll be using the next morning, keep them handy and in plain sight

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