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Tricks to make your hair more beautiful

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Every one of us dreams of having beautiful hair. However, this is not always possible, but fortunately, the access to various types of wigs and artificial hair, as well as to methods of beautifying hair is very large. Here is a look at what you can do to make your hair look natural and impressive.

Attached ponytails

If your dream is a thick and well-placed ponytail, the perfect solution for you are natural ponytails from Hair Lux. They will allow you to thicken your hair without looking artificial. The attachable ponytails are made from real hair, so you won’t be able to tell them apart from yours. A wide range of ponytails allows you to choose such a model, which color will correspond to your natural hair.

Natural Wigs

Just as attractive as natural ponytails will be natural wigs. They guarantee a natural effect and durability. Stores offer different lengths, colors and hair densities, so each lady will be able to choose the wig that is right for her.

Natural wigs do not differ in appearance from hair. You can choose one with or without bangs, in lighter or darker colors. The wigs are equipped with caps and clip in clips, which allow you to put them on comfortably. Thanks to the use of natural hair, the wigs have no artificial shine and do not tangle or frizz. They can also be styled freely, for example, straightened or curled.


Another solution, thanks to which the hairstyle may gain the unique look, are toppers, or hairpieces. Hair Lux offers various colors and lengths of toppers, including black, blonde or red women’s toppers. Just like ponytails or wigs they are usually made of natural hair, so they give a very natural effect.

Ring Hair Extensions

This is a method used in hair salons. It consists in attaching hair extensions with small rings to natural hair. The procedure is performed without using a heat gun, so the risk of damaging hair by overheating is eliminated. In professional hairdressing salons, hairdressers make sure that the natural strands are thinner than the attachments in order not to overload the hair.

Keratin hair extensions

The effect of keratin hair extensions lasts even as long as the natural hair. The effect of such extensions lasts even 3-4 months. When professionally done it does not affect the condition of the natural hair so you can use it without any fear.

The clip-in method

This method allows for hair extensions at home without the need to visit a hairdresser. It is enough to buy a ready-made set in hairdressing stores. Using this method, you can extend and thicken even short hair. The largest tapes are attached to the back of the hair, while smaller tapes are attached to the sides of the head.

The tape-on sandwich method

Also known as the tape-on method, this is a great option for any woman who wants to extend her hair in a non-invasive way. It does not require high temperature and eliminates the risk of drying out the natural hair.

The procedure consists in attaching hair strands on a few centimeters long tape to the natural hair. In order to achieve the best possible effect, the fixation should be at the hairline, just next to the skin. Depending on the rate of hair growth, the procedure needs to be repeated on average every 4-6 weeks. Professionally applied hair wefts are invisible, as well as not noticeable and not troublesome. The hair extensions can be styled and pinned as desired.


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