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Alexa Chung shares the secret, which keeps her thin hair from looking like that

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Thin hair keeps many European women awake at night. However, some of the ladies on the Old Continent know how to cover it up. For example, Alexa Chung recently revealed that she has long been a fan of one product, which gives her hair volume. What product is it?

Celebrities all over the world recommend different kinds of products. Mostly because of their endorsement contracts. Sometimes, they tell their fans the names of the products they really use and recommend them straight from their hearts. We then have no doubt that this product is probably a real hit – especially when it turns out that it has been making a British model’s fine hair look better for years.

SHAMPOOING AU MIEL – the volumising shampoo used by Alexa Chung and others

Although SHAMPOOING AU MIEL has been on the market since 1982, we’re convinced that it’s only now that it’s become a real hit. Wondering why you should trust Alexa’s recommendation? Well, if you’re not convinced by the look of her hair as seen on social media or in her wall pictures, just take a look at the ingredients. So? Nearly 92% natural ingredients make it safe for our scalp, which means we get the green light to use it every day. This is very important information – especially for girls with very thin hair, which without daily shampooing looks very stale and dull. Besides, this shampoo contains acacia honey and rose extract. The first one protects and moisturizes hair. The latter facilitates combing, adds shine and cleanses. And what gives your hair incredible volume? Wheat protein.

Where can you buy SHAMPOOING AU MIEL? In Poland look for it in various online drugstores. The price is around 130 PLN for 120ml. But I guess it’s worth a try, hm?

Gentle volumizing shampoo SHAMPOOING AU MIEL – 130,00 PLN / 120ml

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